Cloudfare and Google giving different MX record

site :
using infinity free as my hosting server
using Yandex as my mail server.
Can send messages from Yandex.(business mail)
Cant receive any mail in Yandex .(same business mail).
with Dig web interface Igot the following results
name server resolver cloudfare giving the result 7011 IN MX 10
name server resolver google giving the result 2166 IN MX 10
6 days past i have changed the MX record in DNS management of the Hosting server.
Still in a fix.
Yandex or Infinity free failed to resolve
Please help.
Thanks in advance

Your domain does not point to Cloudflare. You will need to ask your host about that issue.

Earlier i pointed it to Cloudfare. To resolve that issue I have disabled that in Host C panel. will come again .

Will my domain pointing to Cloudfare will solve that issue? Earlier when it is pointed then I am using roudcubemail. Then also I was unable to send and receive mail.

If everything is properly set up, it should certainly work. The question is, is everything propery set up?

Yes everything is set up.
MX record. SPF record etc

Well, if you configured everything properly on Cloudflare, it should certainly work if you switch back.

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