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Does Cloudflare have any impact on page speed loading for paid advertising such as Facebook and Google? I am working to find a solution to why I’m losing my Facebook Ads visitors. Currently, I have a 50% difference between “link clicks” and “landing page views”. Here is an example of an opt-in page we are using 5 Day DFY Find Your People Posts-CVJ-FB - AshleyShaw.

Any help is appreciated.

Yes, but not for you.
You are unsing CloudFlares NameServer but you actually are not proxying :orange: traffic through CloudFlare and therefore CloudFlare will not change anything at your site. It will not speed it up NOR slow it down. You are using CloudFlare in DNS Only (:grey:) mode.


Thanks! I just changed back to that because I was receiveing 520 errors, my server hosting couldn’t find anything in from the logs so they suggested I switch off the proxy. Anyone have experience with this issue?

Due to 520 error and the more detailed explanation here:

Moreover, may I ask if you have checked with the steps as written on the below article?:

Do you already have an SSL certificate installed at your origin/host for your Website(s)
(domains and sub-domains)?

What SSL option have you got selected under the SSL tab/settings page at Cloudflare dashboard?

May I also ask who is your hosting provider? Could you re-check with your hosting provider if Cloudflare is actually allowed to connect to your origin/host?

Do you have some Firewall rules enabled at Cloudflare which could potentially block the Facebook bot or some string in the URL?

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