Cloudfare and bloom issue - with forms

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I’m having an issue when using Bloom plugin (to create in-line / pop-up) and Cloudfare. I’ve also contacted Bloom support and they’re getting the same “configuration error” . They speak here about it : Fix the Email Optin Module "Configuration Error" Message - Divi Booster

My issue could be this →

I found that when the page with the opt-in form is cached (i.e. generated only once, not each time a user visits), the nonce is not updated. The result is that when caching is enabled, the form fails to submit.

Of course, I can’t disable Cloudfare cache on all my pages with on opt-in because I have one inline/pop-up on every page. Im’ not sure what to do or think anymore. I’m pretty sure, I’m not the only one working with bloom plugin and Cloudfare.

Someone have heard of issues like this ?

PS : this page is having the same error →

PPS : the error i’m having - Capture-d-e-cran-2022-03-05-a-22-47-49 — ImgBB

Is I try to subscribe in private mode, it’s working fine (because there’s no cache) so in my humble opinion, the error is related to the cache somehow. Is there a way to not cache the inline/pop-up from bloom on cloudfare ?

I also tried to go into development mode (on cloudfare) and test to subscribe to my own page again, it’s working perfectly fine. So something is happening on cloudfare then for sure.

My question would be, is there a way to say to Cloudfare to not cache all forms on a website ? On some pages ? to not cache a plugin especially ?

I found this solution for thrive leads plugin : How to Make Cloudflare Work with Thrive Themes products | Thrive Themes Help Center
Maybe it’s possible to do the same with Bloom somehow ?


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