Cloudfalre slow response time

Hello currently when load page with Cloudflare active the page loads very slow only in Cloudflare
but same server but without Cloudflare active are speed

what is the domain name, you are talking about?

this domain tefisoft[dot]com

slow page : fact[dot]tefisoft[dot]com
speed page : fact3[dot]tefisoft[dot]com (without https)

For me they are the same fast. But I would have expected the proxied page to be faster.

The problem is, some of your CSS files are not getting cached. Please check the header of them and change them, so Cloudflare can cache them, then the proxied version will be even faster than the unproxied one.

Especially these headers:

  1. expires: 0
  2. cache-control: no-cache, no-store, max-age=0, must-revalidate

could be one of the reasons Cloudflare will not cache your static assets.

I’ve tested in some different isp in Ecuador an the page are very slow more than 5minutes to load.
some css and js never loads and fail,
performance are better if “developemnt mode” on I disabled please retry

The problem is exactly what I have said: the headers make it uncachable. Please remove these headers and try again.

In addition to this I can not reproduce any local ISP issue, but just test it from my location.


with developer mode it is slower for me as before.

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I understand abaout the headers but the page are always have this headers and very fast in past days (without cacahed)
but now are very slow, could by Cloudflare issue in my country.

I am not aware of any equadorian Cloudflare issue and the status page: ATM does not report any for Guayaquil (GYE) and Quito (UIO).

For further investigation please provide benchmarks/screenshots which are showing the difference and the minutes long waiting.

some never loads, and some load in more than 30 seconds, as you can see in subdomain (fact3) without Cloudflare loads perfectly

Please always send both screenshots, one with proxy, one without. And tell us which is which. Ans activate the “URL” section in your network tab please, which is this section:

This makes analysis easier.



Ok that is a weird problem. The initial request here:

does have a TTFB of ≈350ms and its status is dynamic. All the other requests that are slow also are dynamic, but are way slower.

Looks like an issue between Cloudflare and your origin server to me since your downloadspeed itself does not seem to be the issue. Or anything related to routing.

I still would be curious what would happen if you would let Cloudflare cache these assets.

I found issue cause, but not understand what happen
apparently occure only with css, js even if was HIT by Cloudflare, I think that cloudfalre try parse css and js content and did this very slow

One of the issues could be this:

Please update your chrome browser and try again. I don’t know on which version you are. Anyway this should not affect the download speed of static assets solely.

Hello, I’ve tested in other webrowser, PCs, and city apaprently only Ecuador is the problem,
currently once Cloudflare response with HIT load fast, but sometimes reply MISSING for same file
also only occurs with this files, really weird, I can’t understand the cause.

with another domain attached to Cloudflare to same origin server with other app runing in same server, problem not occurs, it’s something specific for this files, as if Cloudflare tried parse this files before serve to client and did it slow

Please read this carefully:

The scenario you describe also is a hint about, that the issue is between your server and Cloudflare and not between you and Cloudflare.

yes this already apply yesterday, then, as I mentioned above sometimes HIT but sometimes MISS
I don’t know what else to do, I hope it is corrected over time or some Cloudflare update

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