Cloudfalre pages is now using Node v12

My Cloudflare pages build started using Node v12, even though I have Node v17 set in the environment and have not changed anything between builds.

Build is now using Node v12, from the logs:

13:19:22.796	Now using node v12.18.0 (npm v6.14.4)

Previous successful build:

20:01:36.768	Downloading and installing node v17.9.1...
20:01:37.257	Downloading
20:01:37.708	Computing checksum with sha256sum
20:01:37.846	Checksums matched!
20:01:43.399	Now using node v17.9.1 (npm v8.11.0)

Do you have the NODE_ENV environment variable set for both your production and preview builds? Can you share a screenshot of your configuration?

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My mistake, I didn’t realize this was a preview build, so did not have NODE_ENV configured for that env. Thank you.

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