Cloud tunnel instead of IP public

I make a cloudflared tunnel to run my app, and actually It works in my home but Is not working in others places, what should I do to runn my app every divice with a cloudflared tunnel

Sounds like the application doesn’t pass through the tunnel, or at least there is no public hostname defined via which people could access to it over your custom domain like :thinking:

May I ask if you mange your cloudflared tunnel via Cloudflare dashboard or locally via config.yml file? :thinking:

Kindly, double-check if cloudflared tunnel is installed on your device where you application is running. Therefrom, authenticate using the cloudflared tunnel login. Add public hostname and start your cloudfalred tunnel.

Helpful article:

thanks for the answer, actually it works ok it was an issue with config.yml but actully it is resolved.

it works good, now I am struggling with a websocket connection but this is a different issue.