Cloud run and Cloudflare

Has anyone had any success using google cloud run with Cloudflare? We have an existing site which is working fine on google cloud run, with a custom domain, at site<dot>dev<dot>domain<dot>com

When we enable proxying via Cloudflare we get the following error

This site can’t provide a secure connection

site<dot>dev<dot>domain<dot>com uses an unsupported protocol.

Switching back to DNS only resolves the problem.

Kevin is a two level deep subdomain and not covered by Universal SSL, you would need Advanced Certificate Manager for this.

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Thanks very much! I would never have found this - I assumed the issue was cloud run specific.

I added an advanced certificate for *<dot>dev<dot>domain<dot>dom and the site immediately started working

For anyone else setting this up, this is working just using CNAME to ghs<dot>googlehosted<dot>com


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