Cloud Pages website custom domain is stuck on Initializing status

We are evaluating Cloud Pages instead of Netlify and have created a new Pages site. I’ve added a few custom domains that we need. One was OK and the other got stuck.

After waiting for a while, I deleted it and re-added it and now its stuck on “Initializing”.

Any thoughts as to how to tackle this?


Run through this guide: Debugging Pages · Cloudflare Pages docs

And if you still need help, let us know the domajn

The HTTPS part seems to be half deployed:

 curl -I

Doing this curl with https will fail because of the certificate.

Yeah this won’t work at the min since a cert isn’t being provisioned. You’re current ratelimited by Let’s Encrypt since it was added and removed a few times
I’ve moved you to Google Trust Services, if you were to re-add now, then you can run through the guide (and let me know if you need more help)

Awesome. It worked. Thank you!

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