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I would ask you if adding Cloudflare to a website hosted on cloud it make sanse, and if is a good idea.

I’m using HostGator cloud, and interested in Cloudflare, but some function look the same, and I want to understand if it is an investment that brings great differences if added to a cloud hosting plan.

If at the end Cloudflare is fine, is it right or wrong to think that cloud hosting plan, with Hostgator, was then wasted and not needed, and I could use a shared hosting plan?

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Doesn’t really matter where your origin is hosted, Cloudflare could potentially be of benefit. I’ve got Cloudflare in front of AWS EC2 and DreamHost DreamCompute instances.

An origin is an origin is an origin, as far as Cloudflare is concerned, and it doesn’t much care where that origin is hosted. With that said, distinct types of hosting (i.e. shared) may be restrictive with features (i.e. Authenticated Origin Pulls, Railgun, etc.) offered by Cloudflare though — depends on your level of access to the server and/or your Web host.

I’ve not considered touching anything HostGator in quite some years now. Their ‘cloud hosting’, it’s more-or-less just their shared hosting, but on a cloud back-end isn’t it?

This thread got me looking at their cloud hosting page. It looks quite like their shared hosting, just a little more expensive for the ‘redundancy’ of their ‘cloud’ back-end as opposed to your site(s) being on a single server.

Thank you for your reply

Yes, maybe the last fact, about hostgator cloud, is true.
But let’s say that’s righ, ok? then I don’t need the Cloud plan , if i use Cloudflare, hostgator shared or hostgator Cloud is the SAME thing?

Simple answer, only for HTTPS and handling of WAF. Anything beyond that, it’s likely a no or mediocre. Ex. I will never use Cloudflare to proxy websocket connections, it’s absolutely ■■■■ but I love how they handle my front-end applications served over HTTPS I can block massive attacks and be on a relatively low-end CPU.

That’s exactly the thing where Cloudflare does not provide anything on top on what you already need anyhow. HTTPS is not really a reason for Cloudflare, unless you refer to Origin certificates being issued in a slightly easier manner.

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I can’t really speak to whether you need their standard shared or their ‘cloud’ shared. I suppose that depends on your usage and such.

I’ve not had anything hosted with HostGator myself in well over a decade or more now. So, I have no personal experience with the performance gains between the two.

I can say my experience back then was abysmal with their shared hosting though. They’ve been known to be overzealous in how they over-provision their shared servers.

As for Cloudflare, regardless of your hosting back-end, can potentially be of benefit (i.e. CDN, DDoS protection, image optimizations, WAF, etc.).

Cloudflare is much more than a certificate provider.

I’m not really referencing the certificate aspect, though that’s a bonus. Just a fan of the protection offered beyond that it’s mediocre as I said for websocket applications/etc.

How is it a bonus?

So many reasons why, what do you mean? It’s free, the security is great. haha

Well, as I mentioned

So the security is not “greater” than what you already have. As mentioned, HTTPS is not a reason for Cloudflare.

Anyhow, we are getting a bit off-topic :slight_smile:

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