Cloud Flare Which Service can Boost My watch Movies site speed?

Hello Friends Recently I am using Free SSL from Cloudflare for my site, I want to know which Cloudflare service can help to boost site speed 70%, Please give one of best service which can boost site speed and reduce CPU usage.


You would need Our video CDN offering. If you contact sales with your requirements they can help you with pricing.


Hello, Sir can you give me link which can help me to understand features of plan,

Also a bit of extra advice: considering you’re streaming vids, if you’re currently using Cloudflare’s free service I’d seriously consider using one of Cloudflare’s paid tiers along with a dedicated cert so you need not worry about bandwith limits, be able to acces the WAF for increased security to ensure no one is interfering with your site’s uptime (as well as making it easier to control your security and have access to event logs).

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Thank You sir,

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Quite welcome! :smiley: