Cloud flare ssl seems to be randomly stop working for short instances


Heroku is my host, GoDaddy is my domain, and I’m trying to use cloudflare for my ssl

I put the cloudflare names servers on go daddy and have my cname point at and another thing labeled as type “A” pointing to an ip. My website appears as active under cloudflare and the universal ssl status appears as active

Despite this seemingly at random my https certificate decides not to work with an error net::err_cert_common_name_invalid

When https works the certificate name is

Common Name (CN) sni141903.cloudflaressl

when it doesnt work the certificate is


I’ve turned off the heroku ssl in hopes that it would fix things but nonetheless I’m still getting errors.

If it has any relevance my server code is in node.js

The error appears to be instance per instance and not a general server issue. I’ll get the error on my phone or my computer but the other will connect to the https site without an issue. Or I’ll open chrome browser and I’ll receive the error but on mozilla fire fox I won’t get the issue


Without knowing the domain name and being able to look at it my first guess would be that you have multiple respones for the same domain name (i.e. multiple responses for and get either CLoudflare or a direct repsonse depending on what is returned.

This could be you have multiple records defined at Cloudflare or that you have not only the Cloudflare nameservers defined at GoDaddy but also others which have the direct Heroku address defined. This would cause clients to get one or the other response in a round-robin kind of way giving your kind of symptom.


the domain is

This is difficult to bug test as this isn’t a frequent occurrence and happens randomly. I checked GoDaddy and cloudflare nameservers are the only nameservers at the moment.

By default cloudflare redirected to but GoDaddy is doing the same thing. I think that conflict may be the cause of the errors. (At least I think? It was a type A entry in DNS and it pointed to some ip) I removed the A entry and nothing appears to be broken and the site seems to be running as normal. I’ll update you if I get the error again. I really appreciate the answer.

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