Cloud Flare Not Caching

I am receiving a message in Web Page Test regarding this file not being compressed .
After hours of testing and research, I now know that Cloud flare is not caching or compressing this file .
After looking over a list of file types that are cached by Cloud Flare, I am confused as to why this .ttf file is not being cached.
.ttf files are listed as cached file types.
If I need to make adjustments in my origin server to work with Cloud Flare, I am more than willing.
I just do not know which action will solve this issue.
I am fully aware of the resources available for reading on the support forum.
Please do not refer me to other reading materials.
Cloud Flare’s support team has proven to be a very intelligent support team.
I am sure that I am not the first customer to approach the support team with this issue.
What I am asking is, if this were your issue, how would you resolve it?
I am willing to do the work, I just need a little guidance.
Thank you.
Michael Starley
Personal Drone Repair

Hi @mikestarley,

How are you determining this?

I see cf-cache-status: HIT

Also, is the file actually compressible? If the file isn’t sufficiently compressible then it makes sense to deliver it uncompressed. I’m not in my office and don’t have the tools handy to verify the status.

Thank you for the reply .

I am assuming that the file is compressible .

I come to this conclusion through testing using Web Page Test.

I have spent many hours using Web Page Test to aid me in reducing my site load time.

Only after enabling Cloud Flare through Word Press, has this file come to my attention.

I do not mean to come across as accusatory, Cloud Flare has performed wonders in reducing my site load time.

I will attach a couple of screenshots that will help shed some light on what I am seeing .

The file in question will be highlighted.

Prior to activating Cloud Flare, I have not received this noitice from Web Page Test .

I have also, in the past couple of days, deactivated Cloud Flare and this notification did not appear.

Upon reactivation, the notification reappeared .

Thanks for offering to help with this .

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