Cloud Flare DNS

I have a client that paid a person to build their website a long time ago. They have now hired us to redesign and host it. We have changed the DNS in their domain dashboard to our server but it is showing the domain is still pointed to cloud flare. They have no knowledge of Cloud Flare and the original designer is MIA. Is there a work around for this to disable cloud flare?

You have to change the name server at the domain registrar. Once this WHOIS information is updated, that domain will completely bypass Cloudflare.

This has been done. Still says pointed to cloud flare

That might take 24 hours. There’s nothing you can do at the Cloudflare end. It has to be handled at the domain registrar.

Ok been 72 hours and they said to contact cloud flare

Really, this is the domain registrar’s issue. They’re telling the world to use Cloudflare DNS. They need to stop doing that. What’s the domain?

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