Cloud flare DNS response time is too slow

I have some sites using Cloudflare DNS. I am facing slow DNS response issue with Cloudflare DNS. If i use Cloudflare DNS then it takes 7-20 seconds in connecting to the site.

I have used to check and found that there is a lot of wait time for DNS response. So i have removed Cloudflare DNS and tested again. After removing Cloudflare DNS, site is connecting within 1second.
See below image for a proof.

Does any one have an idea, why Cloudflare DNS response is slow

According to your top picture, Cloudflare DNS is 23.5ms. That’s not the least bit slow. It’s way faster than the DNS in the second picture.

It’s the Wait part that’s slow. Can you check to see which IP address your two tests are using to reach the site?

Hello @sdayman

thank you for your response.
I am not sure what ip is used for above tests. Above tests are done using with. Selected location while testing in ‘North America -USA- San Francisco’.

I am having similar results on my local machine as well. My Computers IP is
See below animated gif for a water fall of how site is loaded in a local pc:


please check.

Thank you

waiting for a response on this. Testers can directly test this issue by visiting

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