Cloud flare DNS - Google reputation

One of our domains was redirected to CF service a while ago… Our contact from Google called because all our emails were going to spam.
Our reputation is now 6/100 - Cloudflare dropped it by 72.

This is a huge problem. We have more domains on your network…

Cloudflare is not handling email at all. If your emails go to spam you probably do not have the right SPF, DKIM, and DMARC records. You should set them up, however that is not a Cloudflare specific issue.

They said it’s because CF server is blacklisted…

Some lists do list IP address of web servers whose links were in spam. That is the wrong approach as anything web related is never email related. In this case you can only talk to whomever listed that.

Cloudflare cannot do anything there. This is just like on shared hosting.

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