Cloud flare DNS Does not Work

Hi there I changed my ns to cloud flare ns
and Cloudflare show active screen

i checke who is dns too
everything is right

but my site can’t be reached

Ehm, your site does load ->

It returns a 403 and shows the following message but it does load.

hi there
Tnx for answering…

but in my browers shows this

and about that 403 it is okey i use ip filter to use it just in my country

but i get no response

Most likely a propagation issue.

Whats the output of these commands?


How can i Possible I recived data from ping …

I checked Proxy setting too it was ok…
Is this relating to Purge Cache?


DNS looks all right. Are you possibly located in Iran?

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Yes I am in Iran

In that case ->

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there a lot of topic there that you replayed


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Payment is not possible for US in Iran :frowning:

The issue is a network one which is allegedly imposed on Iranian ISPs by the Iranian government. You’d need to talk to them.

how can i closed this topic?