Cloud flare Charged me multiple times

I recently initiated transfer of 2 domains on Cloudflare, and their cost was ~20 USD for both.
Once i clicked confirm i started to receive multiple sms from my bank about transactions are being made on my credit card from Cloudflare.
They made 33 transactions on my card with a total of 452 USD, transactions are with different amounts with minimum 9.61 USD and maximum 51.63 USD.
I directly tried to call my bank but they can’t stop them because they are already deducted.
I tried to call Cloudflare but i don’t have pro account so no call support and no chat support.
the only option i have is the ticket so i opened a ticket.
What shall i do right now and there is anyone faced such a problem ?
i am afraid to do another transfers via Cloudflare so i face this problem again.
Will Cloudflare return my money back ??
This is the first time i face such a problem with an online payment system.
Cloudflare must let people having payments issue like this to call them immediately.
Thanks in advance

That’s the correct place to address this, what’s the ticket number?




This ticket is now resolved. You should have been automatically refunded for the incorrect charge, let us know if that isn’t the case.

They reply to me that its resolved and waiting the refund but I see in invoices $406.78 Processing with no invoice number
While the amount deducted from my bank is more than 406.78 i don’t how do they calculate.
there is 2 domains that i made transfer for them which are rejected because of privacy protect from the old registrar. do these also will be refunded ? because if i initiate the transfer again it will charge me for these 2 domains

Hi @rnzb, sorry to hear that. Are you able to add that to the ticket #2755173 so the billing team can look a look in regards to those questions?

No i did not because they closed the ticket without my notice and i thought that will be refunded also since they are one order

I see it as marked solved, but not closed. If you reply then it will change back to Open.

Thank you i replied with my comments and its back to open

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