Cloud flare browser checking on every mobile and desktop I am get only my website some post

Iam getting this type of some of my post on every devices . In bottom the website is loading but top is showing cloud flare error

Is that an iFrame of someone else’s site? There’s something in your HTML above the site header that’s triggering a request to Cloudflare that’s being challenged.

It might even be something in the <head> section that’s causing this.

Do you have any Firewall Rules?

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Do you have any Firewall Rules?

Yes but after closing or deleteing it .

Same problem showing . Only some of the post every time

Any idea what is? It looks like you’re trying to load something from them.

Whatever it is, I’m quite sure it’s in your page source, caused by trying to connect to something you shouldn’t be connecting to.

Please How to remove it or which pulg is using it

You’ll have to ask your site developer to track it down.

Ok thank you

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