Cloud Flare asking to REMOVE DS Record?

Hi there!

I have recently changed my name servers over to Cloud Flare’s in order to use Cloud Flare’s features.

However, after doing so, I received an email from Cloud Flare saying:

" WARNING: Your website may not work if you do not review and make the appropriate changes!

Your domain failed to move over to Cloudflare because you still have to remove your DS-Record. If you do not remove it, your website may not work as expected.

Click to learn more about a DS-Record and why you need to remove it."

When I click to go to the website, it takes me to an article explaining to how CREATE a DS Record, not remove one. So I don’t really understand what I need to do here?

I have been in contact with my domain provider (, who have told me that I am unable to create a DS Record under their system.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi @max.saidi,

You will need to remove the record at your domain registrar, someone here may be able to help further if you can share the domain name with the issue.

There is a similar thread which may help at Configuration errors detected - your DS-Record.

Many thanks! The domain is

What has confused me is that despite Cloud Flare’s email saying I need to remove the DS Record, the article it sends me to talks about creating a DS Record.


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