Cloud Flare Analytics vs Google Analytics - Unique Visitors

Hi there,

I am just learning to use Cloud flare at the moment, and have noticed that the number of unique visitors tracked by cloud flare analytics is very different to the number tracked by google analytics.

Using yesterday as an example:

  • cloudfalre 2190 unique visitors
  • google 634 users

I wondered what the reasons for this might be as the difference seems very large.


I assume Web browser privacy settings + extensions like Origin Ublock, Adblock, AdGuard, DuckDuck Privacy Essentials, Do not Track, etc.

I am actually not aware if they actually treat and block Cloudflare Browser Insights / Cloudflare Analytics the same way?

Or Cloudflare counts the visitors by the DNS requests per IP? - again, I am not sure.

There are a few threads on this already:

Correct, Cloudflare browser insights is generally blocked as well, but the analytics OP is likely talking about are the ones in the CF Dashboard, which are based on unique IP addresses visiting in a timeframe - thus, it counts all visitors, not just those without an ad blocker.

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