Cloud blocked even the non proxyed DNS records


please help me unblock my domain

by mistake i sent video and now i got that error

i just want to protect my website not video

please help me unblock it, i already tried many ways and i still get the same error

i tried with other domain and it works , but this one i always get the error because its blacklisted

please help , i have opened two requests here and nobody can help me its been almost two weeks
of waiting


You cannot specifically exclude video from being proxied - you’ll have to change the whole (sub)domain to “DNS only”.

Have you set the DNS record to “DNS only”?

Hello I dont know why it was flagged , i dont remember writing anything offensive

and yes i tried many things and all end up getting that error message

i tried putting the subdomains in DNS only , i think i have explained that many times before

customer support told me to open a new ticket but i see that i was cancelled

they told me to add this this video has been restricted


they also said if i did not get results to post this


if you check the day i started this topic it was 8 days ago

so i guess the 72 hours have already passed

do you agree ?

please help me

i was asking for apologies i did not mean to be rude last night

please help me

Hi @iptv2,

Please provide the following:

  1. A screenshot of the DNS tab for in the Cloudflare Dashboard.
  2. The exact URL where you get the “This video has been restricted.” message.

Hello there is explanation on the attached picture, the domain is blacklisted by cloudflare
can you get it unblocked to use with subdomains without getting the error ?

thanks for your time

You want to serve video on and Also, please send the URL of a video that’s being blocked - otherwise it’s difficult to find the issue.

hello, give me 10 minutes, i will switch the config on cloud so you can see the error
on the url

Hello, i found out that there is no error for this link

but the error is showing right now on the devices that use the android app

i can only have this for a few minutes because customers will be angry at me
if they see this message again

please help

are you able to see the link ? there is a black screen there

if you see different domain its because i thought that being forwarded will fix the issue
but no, i still get the error on the screen


This plays without error on my end. Could you send a screenshot of the error you’re getting while trying to play the video?

the only way to get it fixed is to ask the person in charge at cloudflare
to unblock it

its blocked because it was sending video for 4 days using cloudflare network

there is no other way, if you are not cloud worker you will never find the error
if you work for cloud, please ask the people in charge of blocking domains

thank you for your time

i need to turn it off because customers are calling

as i explained before, the link i gave you before it work well on my side

i just found out

i get the error on the android boxes , please help ,i had this issue since it was blocked two weeks ago

and i need to keep working, i can not sleep well because of this

i need to hide my IP because of attacks

i received an email saying that the domain is restricted because i sent the video using
cloud network

can you help me contact them to lift the restriction on my domain ? please

thank you

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