Cloud analytics stopped working and site performance is dipping


So Cloudflare was working fine for me and then yesterday morning the analytics and firewall section completely stopped working. I feel like my site’s performance is also suffering as if something turned off. Everything shows active on the server-side, but it’s just strange that the analytics randomly stopped working like that and the Firewall stopped reporting any bad traffic, which it! was reporting a handful a day before.


have you heard of this happening? Any help would be appreciated.

Did you unproxy some websites or pause Cloudflare?


Thanks for the response. Un not sure what you mean by unproxy some websites, I haven’t really messed with the settings too much besides turning on the WAF. It also shows that I am active

I pretty much woke up and it was flatlined from working fine. I don’t really know what the cause could have been.


Your NS are pointing to Bluehost nameservers, but not Cloudflare nameservers.

I guess you need to check with your domain registrar on why is this happening.

I believe at one point they enabled the Bluehost partner setup, but that no longer seems to be the case.

Thanks, @erictung and @sdayman

So I have Cloudflare enabled through Bluehost cPanel, but they tell me everything is set up on their end correctly. However, I don’t know what could have caused the analytics to do something like that. It’s not been 24 hours and I have no visuals on the analytics or Firewall activity.

Should the nameservers still be updated even though I went through cPanel?

Thanks for all the help.

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It’s not using Cloudflare.

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Thanks, I’m not the best at reading this, but where should it read Cloudflare? I just want to understand so when I’m speaking to support I can point out that there’s something wrong. I’ve been told several times now that there isn’t anything wrong, but clearly there is haha.

Server says Apache. It should say Cloudflare, plus have some other Cloudflare headers as well.

Thanks! Where can I actively check that information so I can see if any changes are being made. And thanks so much for the help.

Command line from your computer. I use Terminal on MacOS, but Windows also has a terminal where you can run the same ‘curl’ command if you have it installed.

Or you can have check your site, then click on Waterfall so you can open up the response for your home page.

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I decided to cut my losses, uninstall from my cPanel and reinstall on Cloudflare. It’s been a nightmare dealing with Bluehost and with three support people telling me everything is fine, the last one said, “Oh, Cloudflare isn’t turned on, you should probably install it on the website.”

So here I am, everything seems to be working, but am noticing that I don’t have access to anything on my pro account, like the WAF. Here’s a picture of my DNS settings, let me know if anything seems off about it, and thank you so much for everything.

Here are some thoughts (lots, actually):

  • :orange: only proxies HTTP/S. So records for NS, ftp and mail-related hostnames should be :grey:
  • You don’t need those ns1/ns2 records unless some other domain is using your domain as name servers for their domain.
  • You probably don’t even need that ‘mail’ hostname because you’re using Gmail for your domain’s email. And ‘mail’ records should be :grey: “A” records anyway with an IP address.
  • Your TXT SPF record doesn’t need +a because that is a Cloudflare IP address, and your email won’t go through thtat.

Pro Plan with WAF? You’d have to check the Overview page for your zone to see if you have a Pro subscription.

Alright, changes are made and everything is still working :slight_smile:

Should I have my Cloudflare DNS match my Bluehost DNS exactly? I notice Bluehost added a “cloudflare-resolve-to” A host record that’s not reflected in my Cloudflare account.

Also, this page says that I have Cloudflare Pro, but if I go to the analytics it says “Upgrade to Pro”

It generally doesn’t hurt. But if you’re going to start editing DNS records, take a screenshot of it first.

That doesn’t make sense. Pro Plans get 20 Page Rules. I wonder if that’s a special plan you got through Bluehost. That would also explain why you’re not seeing the cache analytics.

Your Subscriptions page under Billing should show you what you’ve paid for here.


Thanks, yea that’s what I thought too. It said I had 20 rules before I turned off the cPanel version of Cloudflare. I’m now using Cloudflare through the Cloudflare dashboard and not Bluehost, but now it’s saying I only have 3. Maybe something didn’t update?

Here’s a screenshot of my billing:

If those numbers and features don’t settle in, open a Ticket and see if they can track down the missing features.

To contact Cloudflare Customer Support, login & go to and select get more help. If you receive an automatic response that does not help you, please reply and indicate you need more help.

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Support fixed it and I’m up and running thank you so much!!!


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