Closest Google Cloud regions relative to any Cloudflare POP?

We’ve been experiencing some latency from our Google Cloud data center to Cloudflare workers. The time to first byte can be in the seconds for some requests (most recently I was looking at requests through a Cloudflare worker to static assets on Cloudfront served from DFW, and our main data center (the origin of the requests) is in us-central1 on Google Cloud).

Is there a Cloudflare POP that’s located in/near a Google data center? Or perhaps the closest overlap between the networks to reduce the potential for latency between the two data centers? Are there regions that will have comparatively reduced latency? I’d prefer somewhere in North America.

Additionally, I was wondering if there’s a way to tell the Cloudflare routers which data center should serve the request? Is there a header I can use to say “always serve requests from this data center when available”?



Here you can find a List of the POPs and compare it with the gcloud data center locations.

My understanding is that you need
ARGO Smart Routing.
This should help bring down the latency a lot !

Additionaly you can also enable Load Balancing
to serve content from a close origin server.
That should solve all the Problems from my experience.

Thanks for the response. I don’t think adding a load balancer will work in this scenario, as the worker does not have an origin. Enabling Argo on this zone, while it may be helpful, would be cost-prohibitive, due to the amount of data transferred

I can cross-reference the data centers, that may be the most helpful. I was hoping for some insider tips on data centers that are known to have low latency to Google data centers. But it looks like in this case, I’ll have to do the legwork to determine the best region for my use case. I’ll run some experiments in different regions and see which ones have the least latency in real-world scenarios.

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