Closest CDN only works for cloudflare domains?


If you looking Cloudflare plans In Cloudflare main page, pro plan says “Accelerate your website with our 200+ data centers worldwide. We route your traffic to our closest data center ensuring lightning-fast page load times.”

I have pro plans for 7 domains i’m connecting from turkey. The closest data center for us Istanbul / Turkey data center. Right? Yeah.

But i cant conenct our web sites using by IST datacenter. Always connecting with AMSTERDAM DC.

my pro domain:
some website in Cloudflare
another web in cf
another web in cf

Always use AMS but if u want to go Cloudflare domains

IST will appeared.

Cloudflare use closest datacenter settings only theirself domains not other ones.

But cf is still selling this service in plan description for pro plan.

Priority is given to websites on higher plans - Cloudflare’s own websites naturally use the Enterprise plan.

For example, I am only occasionally routed to the CPH colo on my Free zones, but my Enterprise zones always go to CPH.

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Your montly enterprise plan cost can buy village house in turkey soon :slight_smile: do you have any idea dolar to turkish lira :slight_smile:

and thank you for your advice.

Update: If i use cloudfrale warp unlimited account i will connect ist datacenter.

Haha, yeah, Enterprise plans are quite expensive. But as the name suggests, they’re meant for Enterprises. Luckily I am not paying for mine :slightly_smiling_face:

That is expected. WARP is basically a VPN to the closest Cloudflare colo. It does not depend on the website plan.

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