[CLOSED] Use Cloudflare CDN with Cloudflare Domain


I’m a little confused as to whether I can use the Cloudflare CDN with a Cloudflare domain; for example, when I try to add the Cloudflare nameservers, I get the following error:

DNS Validation Error (Code: 1004) Content for NS record is invalid. NS records at the apex must not overwrite assigned nameservers.

However, tutorials to set up the CDN state to add our domains to Cloudflare, which assumes our domains aren’t from Cloudflare to begin with. How might I go about solving this?

Thank you kindly for the help!

What domain are we talking about?

From the Cloudflare registrar.

The question was which domain.

And no, you cannot change nameservers of a domain registered with Cloudflare.

Er, did you want the actual domain? syvl.org?

All right. Yes, that domain is registered with Cloudflare and you can only use the assigned nameservers.

Sorry about that! And makes sense; but does this mean I can’t use Cloudflare’s CDN either?

For starters, Cloudflare is not really a CDN service. But you’ll be referring to the proxy service. What exactly is the issue?

But I thought this was a thing? I’m actually trying to serve up the static files of a small website.

You did not really explain what the issue is.

Your domain is currently correctly configured and all you need to do is make sure the DNS records on Cloudflare are correct and that your server is properly configured with an SSL certificate and serves the right content.

But I thought this was the issue? When I’m adding the nameservers, using the instructions on the domain’s nameserver-directions page?

You don’t need to add nameservers. Your domain is already configured correctly.

Ah; so do I just press the button to check the nameservers on the directions page?

Which directions page? A screenshot might be useful :wink:

Alright, so slight correction: That screenshot is for sylv.org, while I own syvl.org. However, the issue still persists, and I still don’t know how to set up a CDN with it. Can I just show you the current DNS records for the latter? Are there any security risks to doing so?

Hang on a second, if that was not the right domain then it certainly cannot work.

Which domain is it now?

syvl.org. But I’m still getting the same error, and Cloudflare is telling this:

Then we are back to the original question of a screenshot. It still is not clear what the issue is.

So do I send you a picture of my DNS records?

Quick note: as I’m a new user, I’ve run out of credits, so to speak. I’ll need 23 hours to continue!