[Closed] Many websites blocked by Cloudflare

I work for a local administration and many websites are blocked or have captchas for every page visited.
Can Clouflare do anything to limit or even stop these inconveniences?

What’s the website?

First review your Firewall Rules. Next, turn off the firewall rules to see if the challenge goes away. Turn them all off, check, and if the error goes away, begin to turn them on one at a time.

& also give this a read


Thanks, the problem was not with the firewall but with the proxy. The company that runs it has certificate problems with SSL decryption that will probably be solved one day…

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Ok . Hope it will be fixed soon

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You’ll need to contact the site owner (information can be found using the WHOIS ICANN lookup tool) for assistance with this error! The result of this error is a violated firewall rule (that the site owner has set)! Since the site owner performed the blocking, Cloudflare can NOT override their customer settings!

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