Closed client connection

Hello. I’ve rather different issue from what i’ve seen here.
In summary:

  • i’m using nginx to route incoming requests to various services
  • i’ve basic Cloudflare account which proxies incoming requests to my domain. Still consider myself new to this service.
  • when making api request (classic rest) via curl/postman and if i cancel it prematurely, i won’t receive appropriate close in my api handlers.
  • when doing the same without Cloudflare, i receive close event (packet) successfully.

The reason i need to do this is because i would like to propagate the close event to underlying database request.

I suppose the reason behind this is because of how the Cloudflare works - establishes connection to my server and keep it open for some time.

My question is - is there a solution or should i accept that this is a normal behavior?

Thank you.

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