Closed CF account - but domain still using CF Nameservers

Hi, I closed my Cloudflare account and reset my domain to use my hosting providers Nameservers. After 48hrs, the Cloudflare nameservers are still showing at some global locations. Any new dns records I add (at my host) are not being picked up. My host recommended asking Cloudflare to check if somehow my domain was still being affected by Cloudflare settings/systems. I dont have a paid account with Cloudflare. Can anyone advise? Thanks!

Whats the domain? You need to change the nameservers on your domain yourself.

If you have changed them and they still show up, it will be a DNS propagation issue and is an issue with the resolver in question. Cloudflare is out of the equation at this point.

Thanks Sandro, I think it was just a very lengthy propagation issue and seems to be OK now.

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