Cloning fails on repository with a submodule

On a repo with a submodule, my CloudFlare Pages builds are failing with a nondescript error:

|14:19:38.501|Initializing build environment. This may take up to a few minutes to complete|
|14:20:13.119|Success: Finished initializing build environment|
|14:20:13.119|Cloning repository...|
|14:20:20.131|Failed: an internal error occurred|

I looked at the two similar threads but haven’t been able to solve the issue.
Thread 1 and thread 2

I checked the size of the submodule and no one file is over 25MB as mentioned in one of the threads. They’re all less than 1MB in size.

The root directory is left default at /.

The submodule does contain .py files and bash scripts, maybe these are blocked by Pages?

Removing the submodule causes builds to succeed as before.

Wanted to create a topic first before opening a ticket.

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Hi @lkhrs,

The Workers Team are more active on their Discord server, so as you have not received a response here, I would recommend asking on Discord if you haven’t already.

Please do feel free to update the thread here if you get a resolution, to help others who may find this topic.

Thanks for the recommendation.

I have to say keeping knowledge locked into Discord where it’s not able to be found by search engines is really unfortunate, not to mention its UX is terrible when you’re trying to get a response to your specific question.

This isn’t directed towards you, it’s more directed towards CloudFlare.


I completely agree. I would far rather the information was indexable and available here, but unfortunately the Workers Team don’t respond much here, any more. I have raised this, but I don’t see it changing now they are actively using Discord.

cc @azhao, @gretchen1

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I suspect this is related to my specific git repo and submodule, so I opened ticket 2189624.

I use Hugo on a different site and Hugo themes are added via git submodule. That site clones fine on Pages.

Understood, I’ll escalate this post and your ticket for the attention of the Customer Support Team.

Hi there,
we have actually been having this very same conversation and are looking at ways of improving.
There are a couple of ideas in the works to help make this better.
Discord is great in terms of getting instantaneous responses and collaborative answers, but it lacks a permanence and search-ability.


In regards to the original issue, the fantastic Chris M. in support has narrowed it down to submodules within the submodule that I don’t have access to is causing Pages to fail to build the site.

Ultimately, I decided to go with Netlify to host the site as their service can clone the repo even with the private submodule-ception I’ve got going on and build the site successfully.

I’m not happy about using Netlify as I fully expect them to shutdown or be acquired in the next few years. I’d love it if Pages could ignore submodules it doesn’t have access to like Netlify does.


Thanks for the follow up and thanks to @Chris_M for getting this resolved! Hopefully the feature request can get passed along to the team to see if they can support this.

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