Cloned website issue

When I cloned my web site with All-in-one WP Migration and overwrote another web site with this copy I lost the cloned website’s domain hosting information how do I retrieve this?

When I now lookup the cloned website on IICAN I get these messages.

My Original website is and it is still fine but the error has come up on the cloned copy of this website at We are adding a Laravel theme to this to build a membership portal for our working website and I need to know the hosting information.

Domain Name Registration Data Lookup
By submitting any personal data, I acknowledge and agree that the personal data submitted by me will be processed in accordance with the ICANN [Privacy Policy] and agree to abide by the website [Terms of Service] and the Domain Name Registration Data Lookup Terms of Use.

No registry RDAP server was identified for this domain. Attempting lookup using WHOIS service.

Failed to perform lookup using WHOIS service: TLD_NOT_SUPPORTED.

Can anyone help?

How is this a Cloudflare related issue? This seems more suitable for StackOverflow.

Hi Matteo,

I just didn’t know where to turn to be honest. I appreciate your direction!

Many Thanks’

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