Clodflare SSL/TLS Handshake errors

I can’t connect to my site with SSL/TLS Enabled because every browser finds a Handshake error. I tried to diagnose the site using the Cloudflare Diagnostic Center and it also found a Handshake error.

The domain is and I have been testing with
If you try to access it using plain http it will work just fine.

I have tried to access the site from different browsers, different devices on different ISPs and I had the same issue.

I’m assuming this is not a Browser/Client issue since the Cloudflare Diagnostic Center is also reporting the same issue.

Find below a screenshot of the report from Cloudflare Diagnostic Center about the SSL/TLS Certificate:

This subdomain is two levels deep and won’t be covered under Universal SSL. You need to purchase Advanced Certificate Manager and create a certificate for * or unproxy (:grey:) the record.

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So If I change the domain to is it supposed to work?


Universal SSL covers * and

Thank you. I confirm. I have made the change and it is now working Just fine

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