Clients computers get a 522 error

Multiple clinics are having this problem, but when I personally go to site I have no issues. Everything I see is that a 522 code is a server side issue so how is this possible? I can access through Chrome or Edge, but they can’t with the same browsers on their side. I am assuming some sort of firewall issue on their end, but this at many different locations.

Hello there,

Is the 522 error come with the Cloudflare error code? Anyways, if you are able to access, & not others, it is recommended to check for the CF blocked ips or the firewall. For more, I’ll share with you the #CommunityTip here for the brief step for fix:

Yes sorry its a 522 Cloudflare Error Code. I need to check the client side firewall?

Definitely where there’s a issue. You can give it a try with one client at first to check if that’s the issue. Please read the above attached tutorial for troubleshooting. What’s the site by the way?

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