Clients being pushed far from Origin (Australia)

Hi all, just wondering if anybody has any insight into the load issues Cloudflare are currently facing in Australia - specifically an explanation and/or resolution time?

We are a Business customer pushing ~30TB out of our Melbourne-based servers and up until a few weeks ago everything was fine and dandy. Have a direct 10Gbps peer set up with CF in MEL and SYD and with the majority of our clients in Melbourne this was always the POP of choice.

In recent times however, we have been pushed to BNE and PER - requiring us to bring up emergency peering links in these areas to avoid using our costly transit - as well as now AKL. Even Argo being enabled or disabled does not seem to assist with traffic rarely being smart routed over a 3 day test period.

Cloudflare have mentioned that this is due to load issues within the MEL and SYD POPs with plans to upgrade these to handle the traffic. Does anybody have any news?

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