ClientIP invalid error updating DNS/nameserver settings

My web-hosting company (Ramshard) is currently unresponsive to support requests and no auto way to request auth code to move out. So I realize I have a larger problem, but I’m hoping for a backdoor solution in the meantime.

I have IP and nameserver info through CF, as directed by Ramshard documentation, but when I update those settings in my service panel, they don’t stick, and I get “[1011105] Parameter ClientIP is invalid” error. I believe this is a namecheap error (they’re the registrar), but namecheap won’t talk to me because Ramshard set all that up, not me.

Is there anything I can do to manually update plugins or something in my file manager? I read the Please Read in the DNS and Network FAQ, and I see where there is a CNAME option “In the event that you are simply not able to change your name servers due to organization policy or local DNS limitations.” But that’s for CF Business users which I am not.


Hi there,

There’s no way around it, if traffic is not directed at Cloudflare, the zone will remain in pending state.

You either need to change the nameservers, or if you want to proceed with the CNAME/Partial setup, the zone has to be upgraded to business 1st, after that the dashboard will show the option to convert to CNAME setup.
Do note that with a CNAME setup, usually it’s not possible to proxy the APEX, since most registrars do not support CNAMEing at the apex. The alternative is to create a redirect at the registrar from the apex to www and CNAME www instead (or any other subdomain).

Take care.

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