Cliente Passing Certificate SSL

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So, i have a client that is trying to force to use a certificate SSL on their side to Connect.
They’re using Middleware ( Oracle System )
They told me that they’re receiving a drop connetion in their side from Cloudlfare Response.

I Share our Boarding Certificate, Server Certificate and Certificate of Oring, but seems anyone worked.

Is it possible to configure in somewhare a certificate for this clitent to authenticate in Cloudflare??
Or should i Disable The proxy on cloudflare and import the cert on my Server?

Suposing that i disable the proxy and goes to Origin Certificate, should i create a new one? Because i Dont’t have the Keys from the existing on my account there.
What do you suggest to do team?

Thanks So much!!!


Hi there,
Mutual TLS can be set up as part of Access:

Otherwise you might be interested in API Shield?


Hey @nicgayerie Thanks for Helping!!

I got a little bit confusing to enable mTls there ( It’s the first time i do this ) :slight_smile:
So, on the “Hosts” should i configure the Cname of the server right? like,

Another question is about the current connections, if i enable that config would change something for the current connections, because i have a lot of con for this server on HTTP and HTTPs, i mean, there are a lot of services running there.
I want just to make a sure to not interrupt the services that are already running. :slight_smile:



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