Client maximum upload size limit

The description of this says it affects the uploading ability of visitors to my site, but it seems to be preventing me - the page admin - from uploading files to my own site. Am I misunderstanding what’s happening here?

And if I disable Cloudflare temporarily so I can upload files, is it going to break my site? I didn’t realize I was going to be prevented from uploading large files to my own site when I started enabling features…

The limit is for all uploads passing through Cloudflare’s network: yours included. I can recommend creating a specific subdomain for the administration of the website or using something like S3 to host files larger that the limit or even everything then putting it behind Cloudflare. There are guides on the internet, will find something if need be.

Thanks for the clarification. I’m dealing with video files so will use either Vimeo or Cloudflare Stream for now.

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