Client Certificates are not working on chrome and edge

Hi, I am using SSL/TLS client certificates to authenticate the client, for that I am using this process,

  1. SSL/Tls mode is set to FULL in dashboard
  2. I go to the client certificate and create the certificate. (rule is also created and mTLS is enabled)
  3. after creating the certificate I used “openssl pkcs12 -export …” command to generate the pfx file.
  4. This pfx file is sent to the client and install it in its browser(chrome) by going to manage certificates in chrome settings.

In above I have mentioned the flow, it was working perfectly fine for all my clients but recently after the chrome updates my clients are unable to access my site through chrome as they are facing access denied error which is because of this certificate, then they moved to edge but now on edge it is again doing the same issue.
Right now it is working fine on Firefox but I want it to run on chrome.
Please suggest me any solution for this problem, as it was working fine from last 6 months and I haven’t changed anything in settings but after updating chrome it is not working.

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I have the same problem, it’s not even working in Firefox (v88.0)

Not working for me either

Updating chome to 90.0.4430.212 fixed the issue for me

I just setup mTLS, but it’s not working when I access my site (using Edge browser)

It is not working with Safari 14.1 on MacOS nor on iOS 14.5.1.
It is working with Chrome 90.0.4430.212 and Edge 90.0.818.66 on MacOS.

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