Client certificate in free plan

Hello is anyone aware if client certificate supported in free plan. I can not made CF to ask browser for client certificate. Looks I can not activate this feature.

I do not see API gateway, as it is mentioned should be related to mTLS

Checking my free zone it appears mtls certificates are available to free users.

Are you able to create a certificate when navigating to SSL/TLS > Client Certificates?

See: Enable mTLS · Cloudflare SSL/TLS docs


Yes I can create it but I do not see how to make it active. So browser is not asking for it.


You will have to use certificates with Cloudflare API Shield™ or Cloudflare Workers to enforce mutual Transport Layer Security (mTLS) encryption.

However, API shield is not available on a Free Plan. You may use Workers instead.

Here are some resources that may help:

You can use it with Zero Trust too: