Clickfunnels Subdomain Issue (Heroku no app error)

Hi there!

I am using Clickfunnels and I have a similar problem to the following solved thread: Heroku: www subdomain returns “no such app”

The difference is that in my situation, my main domain is connected to WPEngine (as the host), and I want Clickfunnels to be connected to a subdomain of that main domain. When I attempt this I get the same heroku “no such app” error mentioned in that link above for the subdomain. It appears that both Clickfunnels/Heroku are using Cloudflare, and this is causing confusion behind the scenes.

I would appreciate any advice on how to get the same verified solution found in the threads below to work for a subdomain instead of the main domain:

I also found these additional articles that seemed to hint at a solution for subdomains, but I’m not sure what to do:

Please let me know what I should do with my settings to get the subdomain to work with Clickfunnels.

Thanks in advance,


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