Clickfunnels doesnt work

Hello guys,

I’ve been trying to fix this problem for two days now, but it hasn’t worked.
I followed from A to Z the clickfunnels tutorial but it doesn’t work, my domain doesn’t spread.

If anyone has an answer that would be great.

Thank you

You need to enable orange cloud for your first entry (

I believe there is no :orange: as Clickfunnels themselves are on Cloudflare.

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That doesn’t look to be an option, as Clickfunnels already uses Cloudflare. You should probably reverse your entries: CNAME for www should be ‘’ and CNAME for www should be

The good news is that the www works. So you probably need to add a Page Rule to redirect:
Match* and add setting for Forwarding URL to$1


That was the only thing regarding tutorial:

Step 1 Adding Your Root Domain CNAME Record

  • From within your Cloudflare account, navigate to your DNS settings
  • Select CNAME from the dropdown menu
  • Enter @ as the name
  • Enter as the domain name
  • Select Automatic TTL
  • The cloud should be orange with a grey arrow through it :point_left:
  • Click Add Record

Yeah…the whole Clickfunnels setup…bites. Clickfunnels really needs to provide better support for their users. It’s workable, but it’s a constant problem. Considering Clickfunnels already uses Cloudflare, they should know better.


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