ClickFunnels&Cloudflare - Firewall Rule Not Working

I’ve recently linked my ClickFunnels website to Cloudflare to block access from unwanted IPs or countries. However, it seems like… if I run my website with ClickFunnels, the firewall rules I created in Cloudflare do not work.?!

(Please see attached image)
I am currently staying in Korea. I blocked Korea in my firewall rule and I still have access to my website. lol…

Is your clickfunnels hostname :orange: Proxied? I thought clickfunnels uses their own Cloudflare settings.

Hm, Country equals Korea, South - is that a correct one or it should just be Korea for either North/South?

Moreover, is the action set to block or some other (cannot be seen from the screenshot above)?

Sorry, I am not quite sure what you mean by “Proxied”, but I am using their(ClickFunnels’) Cloudflare settings.

Yeah, it’s correct one. South Korea(KR) and the action is to “block”.(thanks for checking).

Check your DNS page here. See if the hostname you use for your clickfunnels site is :orange: Proxied.

Yes, It’s Proxied.

You probably have a CNAME pointing to a CNAME that points to Clickfunnels. There’s a good reason that CNAME that points to Clickfunnels is forced to DNS only. You can’t use Cloudflare settings on clickfunnels for the reason I started earlier.


Thanks for the explanation. That’s probably the reason.
I will try to find a way around it.

Thank you :slight_smile: !

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