Clickfunnels and subdomain


I had a subdomain that was pointed to a site on through cloudflare and I changed to to clickfunnels ( I checked on a propagation checker site and it says that the site subdomain is now pointed to however it still shows the site when I visit the site.

There is a blue i next to the dns cloudflare settings that says “The cloud flare settings for this hostname are being managed by To request changes, please contact them.” when I hover over it. There is also no gray or orange cloud next to the site in cloudflare.

The subdomain that is

There is another subdomain on the same domain that is successful but it has a cloud next to it (which I read on another thread has been discontinued??).

The subdomain that is successful is

I don’t see many settings in clickfunnels that I can change to affect this and if it was pointing to through clouldflare, I’m not sure how clickfunnels would control those settings.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you!


This has been solved. Teachable is on Heroku. I had to point a TXT record to Heroku in Cloudflare. Clickfunnels released the domain. I then deleted the TXT record. After that I deleted and readded the domain in Clickfunnels.