Clickfunnel Domain and SSL stopped Working

Good day

My domain and SSL certificate worked perfectly in Clickfunnels. However, since this morning it is not working. I was told to update the SSL certificate. And it returns the following error:

In order for your custom domain to work you’ll need to log in to where you bought your domain and add a CNAME record that points at If you’re not sure how to do this we have detailed instructions for most domain registrar

Nothing that I have tried seems to work. I removed the CNAMES and added it again. It is not populating

Any suggestions?

Hi @anette,

Have you followed the steps of this Clickfunnels tutorial specific to Cloudflare?


Thank you for your response.

As per my request, everything was up and running for months. Something went wrong overnight and I am unable to fix it.






Could you share the domain?


I can see that both root domain and www are :orange: - which is good - but this isn’t enough to understand why things aren’t happening as they should.

Please share a screenshot of your DNS records (from Cloudflare Dashboard > DNS) so that some of us can analyze it.

You’ll probably want to contact Clickfunnels.

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Herewith the screenshot as requested.

Message from Clickfunnels




According to the Clickfunnels tutorial (linked in previous comment), the DNS records should be :orange: (proxy enabled).

In your screenshots, I can see that both records have been added, however one of them is not :orange:. Normally I would tell you that I would just click on the :grey: to make it orange, however I can’t see it in the image.

Maybe @cs-cf can clarify. Otherwise, contact Clickfunnels and provide all these details (linking to this topic might be a good idea).

Thank you for your response.

I have been trying to contact Clickfunnels, without success. I have been trying to get an interaction with a human without success. It is the most frustrating support experience ever.

Any advice?



Thank you for your assistance and support.

@scharff advised that I contact Clickfunnels. I have been trying, but going around in circles. How to you manage to speak to a human? I want to pull out my hair.

The main issue appears to be a missing configuration for on your host’s side. You seem to have configured only You should also configure your naked domain ( there.

As for SSL, that seems to be properly in place, however there is one question and one issue.

  1. What is your SSL mode on Cloudflare? That should be “Full strict”.
  2. A request to redirects to Notice the original HTTPS which then redirects to HTTP. Did you configure this? If so, make sure it redirects to HTTPS instead.
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