clicked to go on this site WND. and i was blocked

clicked to go on this site WND. and i was blocked, and told to contact you to get it corrected . Thank You

Could you elaborate on what’s happening? What exactly is WND?

No. You were directed to contact the site owner, which is not Cloudflare. Only the site owner can use your Ray ID to see why they blocked you, and only they can change the rule that blocked you.

Contacting Cloudflare to see why you were blocked by a site that uses Cloudflare is like asking Master Lock why you can’t open a gate that someone locked with a Master Lock. The lock company will have no idea and neither will Cloudflare. You need to ask the site owner.

If you do not know how to reach the site owner, you may ned to search online to see if they have an email or social media account. No one here will know hoe to rarch the site owner.

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