Click on webtab causes reload

I have a faq page with tabs. Clicking a tab normally selects that tab and shows the corresponding faq items. When using Cloudflare it accepts the href as a normal click and reloads that page.

The url is just this: <a href="">Betaling</a>

The page it concerns is this:

Anyone have an idea how to solve this?

I am unable to replicate this. I loaded the page in Brave (Chrome) and clicked around to various tabs and nothing reloaded.

I kept on searching and built up caching from the ground up. I used page rules to except various options and after that it worked again as usual. I could not pinpoint a specific cause.

So everything is back to it’s original settings and now it works as it should. Apparantly there is a ghost bug that occurs. It is not the caching plugin on Wordpress, that’s for sure.

Thanks for checking!!!

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