CLI Tunnel not connecting via CNAME'd subdomain

Hi all, I had this working with a different domain before, so I know it is possible.

I want dev.mydomain to connect to my localhost:3000.

  1. I installed cloudflared, brew install cloudflared
  2. Ran cloudflared tunnel login, logged in and selected the domain
  3. Ran cloudflared tunnel create mydomain-dev
  4. Went in and created the [cloudflared-home]/config.yml file, with the created tunnel’s UID.
  5. Ran cloudflared tunnel route dns mydomain-dev dev.mydomain which added the CNAME correctly
  6. Ran cloudflared tunnel start mydomain-dev
    Cannot load the site, getting a Argo 1033 error.

I notice that when running tunnel start above, a random URL at trycloudflare is generated and indeed loads the local site correctly. But I thought it was supposed to load via the CNAME dev.mydomain → [UID]. too.

And what is weirder, I did this same flow last week and had it work just as expected. Anyone see what I missed in the current process?


Hi Brendan,

According to Cloudflare, if you’re getting an Argo 1033 error, this means your tunnel wasn’t connected to Cloudflare’s network at the time:

You can start by running “cloudflared tunnel list” to see the list of connections from your tunnel.

Then, I would suggest looking at the debug logs in the “cloudflared” pods. The logs might give us more insight into what’s going wrong.

I hope these suggestions help you.