Clearing the cache

I have a WP site now and was asking my Theme support about the need to purge its CloudFlare cache after every change I make to my site, like add content, Alt tags Etc. I do that from my WP control page > CFlare, but his answer was this so I’m confused-

‘Cloudflare: it is server/hosting service. You can not do it via the wordpress. You need do it in Cpanel of your hosting or contact the hosting provider to help you do it.’

so is he wrong about this? And, when do I really need to clear the cache?

Mostly. If you have the official Cloudflare Plugin, and it’s configured with an API Token or Key, you can purge the Cloudflare cache from the plugin Settings page.

From you describe, you will not have to do any of this. Cloudflare does not cache page content by default. Only if you use Automatic Platform Optimization might you need to purge the cache manually. Generally, APO does this automatically whenever you make a content change.

Again, you most likely don’t have to worry about the Cloudflare cache. You’ll certainly know it if stuff isn’t changing on the front end after you make changes in the back end. If that happens, let us know and we can take a look.

*Some hosts might cache parts of your site, but this is not common.

’ If you have the official Cloudflare Plugin, and it’s configured with an API Token or Key’

could you take a look at my setup Sdayman?

What’s the site URL?

here it is

Ok, you’re using APO. It should purge cache when you update content, but sometimes it can’t detect every part of your site that’s affected by content changes. This is quite common on sites with custom front pages. As I said, you can manually purge from the plugin.

If you’re finding a specific situation where you update content and it doesn’t reflect on the live site, let us know so we can try to figure out what that bit didn’t get purged from cache.

Other than content changes, if I ever make a design change (templates, CSS, etc), I always do a manual Purge Everything since it affects the entire site.

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