Clearing cache for redirects

I’m having issues getting multilingual redirects to work. I believe the root of the issue is that when I go to clear my Cloudflare cache, the cache isn’t actually getting cleared. For example, when I delete the redirect on my website, and clear the cache, it no longer appears as a listed redirect on my site, but is still getting treated like it is because i believe it is caught in the cache.

How can I make sure my cache is actually cleared, so I can resolve my redirect issue?

Are you sure it is not a browser issue? I cant say for certain but I believe Cloudflare would not cache redirects, browsers do however.

Which URL is it that should or should not be redirected?
is supposed to go to

but instead, it’s going to 2020 Certification Program | Rainforest Alliance, which is the English version of the German page I’m trying to redirect the URL to.

I’ve been clearing browser cache along with Cloudflare, but it doesn’t seem to make a difference

How did you configure that redirect?

Assuming your server IP address ends in 151, it would not be a caching issue but the redirect comes straight off of your server.

Also, your server is not configured to serve your site on HTTPS, in that way it can never be secure. You need to configure your server for HTTPS and install a proper certificate.

If your software uses geoIP, make sure you are restoring visitor IP addresses, or using the Cf-Connecting-IP request header.

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