Clearing Cache and Development Mode problem




I have made a change to a .js file on my server.

To see the change I have tried the following:

Purging All Cache in Cloud Flare
Switching on Development Mode
Clearing the joomla site’s cache

When I view the site with my host file set to my server’s IP address I see the changes. Which says to me that my server is serving the newest version of the file.

When I view the site with my host file set to cloudflare DNS ip address (after purging cache) I see no changes. Therefore Cloudflare is serving the cached old version of the file despite me purging all cache and setting Development Mode On.

In both cases I have also cleared my browser cache and the joomla cache after and before purging cloudflare cache

Server IP
Cloudflare IP

File: /calc-js/calc.js

In the above file in the old version there are 3 IF statements if(item.traveltariff…

In the new version there is 6 IF statements

I have had to change the DNS back to my server host’s DNS as I can’t get cloudflare to purge the cache.

#2 is not a Cloudflare IP address. And your domain isn’t using Cloudflare or Cloudflare’s name servers.


I didn’t know that the IP address I got from the DNS in Cloudflare was the old IP before the site was move a week ago. I assumed the hosting service that migrated the site had set the DNS to point to the new server.

MX Lookup helped to understand where the DNS is pointing.

I’ve contacted the hosting service to get DNS changed.

Thanks for you help.

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