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I have 6 more site on shared hosting all on Cloudflare and been there for several years. None have issues. Server is properly configured for SSL

How can the server be properly configured for SSL if you said you have no SSL when you pause it?

When you pause Cloudflare it turns off your SSL. When I un pause it the SSL is fine.

I am afraid that is not correct. You do not disable SSL, you simply pause Cloudflare and connect to your server and that shows that your server is not properly configured.

You best keep Cloudflare paused for now and work together with your host to properly secure your site.

I have called them 5 times today. They are done. Everything is fine on their side they say. No I have everything working fine on the server. Every other site works fine. It is on Cloudflare.

Is your site working fine on HTTPS when paused?

If not, then you have your proof that it is not properly configured. As I said keep it paused and talk to your host.

Wow. You said the same thing. Sorry you are wrong. If Cloudflare is off and all the name severs are changed you can not have an SSL from Cloudflare. Thats the only thing that I am using them for.

All right, if you know better then I guess we are done here.

Once more, your site is currently not correctly configured and you will need to talk to your host first, but that’s certainly your decision.

My question is how to clear the cache on Cloudflare firewall? Can you tell me how. Thanks

Nope I never said I know more than you. Can you tell me how to clear the cache on the firewall pleas. Thanks

You just said that my statement is wrong and your setup is correct even though it clearly is not.

As I said, you first need to properly configure your server and secure it.

You can’t. There’s no “Cloudflare firewall cache”.

The hosting support doesn’t know what they are talking about.

What do you see when you try to access those pages? Any error message? Any RayID? Anything logged on your server/hosting provider? If you get 404 can you start Dev Tools on your browser and see what is causing the redirect to a not found page?

Is there a way to clear the cache on the fire wall?

Im not a developer. Just a plumber that has had to do his own sites becaues they were stealing from me. I had a tracking number with them and they stole the leads out from under me.

In that case I would possibly listen to the advice given to me :slight_smile:

My hosting are not going to help me. Can you tell me how I can have a SSL on my site from Cloudflare if it is turned off?

If your host is not willing to help you I’d strongly suggest to switch to a more competent host.

SSL on Cloudflare won’t help you if your server does not have a proper SSL configuration, which currently is the case. As I already said, you’ll need to talk to your host here or even better switch host.

As for certificates on your server, you can check out

Cloudflare supports SSL in a few different ways:

Please read this article to find the difference between each type:

And only one should be picked.

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